Liam Gallagher Confirms His Plans To Release New Music

Serra Ozturk

In a recent chat with fans on Twitter, Liam Gallagher revealed that there will be ‘lots’ of new music next year. The singer answered quite a few fan questions on the platform but when a fan asked about new material, Liam didn’t hold back and wrote:

“Yeah lots and lots.”

While fans wait for new music, Gallagher had shared ‘humongous’ news on Twitter about his recently passed indoor gig at London’s KOKO. Even though some were disappointed that it wasn’t an Oasis reunion, some were happy to see the singer live again.

One fan shared their disappointment on Twitter and wrote:

“Hardly a huge announcement. Hope your next one [is] a gig in Manchester.”

After mixed responses from fans Liam decided to respond and said:

“I’m really disappointed at all the people that were disappointed after my disappointing announcement.”

Besides his most recent indoor gig that some fans found as disappointing news or his upcoming projects in the new year, another fan wanted know whether Liam was a Depeche Mode fan. The singer replied:


Finally when someone asked whether he would see Blur play live, Gallagher gave this response:

“I’ve seen them years ago Manchester academy just before I became the best thing since pickled onion monster munch.”

You can read Liam Gallagher’s tweets below.




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