Looking For Real Life Treasures? Here’s 7 Places You Should Visit For Treasure Hunting

Elif Ozden

Treasure hunting is not just the stuff of films or tales told by the fire; it’s a real pursuit that has grabbed the attention of many for centuries. If you’re interested in uncovering treasures that have been hidden for decades, centuries, or even millennia, here’s a list of seven treasure hotspots around the globe.

7. The Tomb of Qin Shi Huang, China


Hidden deep within China lies the tomb of the first Chinese emperor, Qin Shi Huang. Dating back roughly 2,200 years, the site is associated with terracotta soldiers, representing the emperor’s army. Besides this known artifact, it’s believed the tomb contains numerous treasures yet to be uncovered.

An ongoing archaeological project since the 1970s aims to unearth its secrets, but a challenge remains — the reported river of mercury surrounding the tomb. Despite this, the potential of discovering untouched treasures from ancient China keeps the interest alive.

6. The Amazon Rainforest – Paititi (The Lost City Of Gold)


Legends tell of a city deep within the Amazon rainforest named Paititi. According to these tales, this lost Inca city is laden with gold and silver. Its exact location is unknown, and the rainforest’s vastness and inherent dangers have made the search challenging. So, this spot is for those brave enough to venture into the depths of the Amazon.

5. France – The Golden Owl


This treasure hunt was initiated by Max Valentin, who hid a gold statue of an owl in flight somewhere in France. He later published a book in 1993, providing riddles and clues pointing to its location. While the golden owl is confirmed to exist, its location remains a mystery even after 30 years of active searching.

4. Llanganatis Mountains, Ecuador – The Lost Inca Gold


In the Llanganatis Mountains of Ecuador lies another Inca treasure. Legend says that 750 tons of gold were hidden here by Inca General Ruminahui. This vast treasure is reportedly worth billions. Spanish treasure hunters in the past claimed to locate it, but their attempts to retrieve and transport the treasure often ended in tragedy.

3. North America – The Knights Templar Treasure


The Knights Templar, a once-powerful holy organization, allegedly transported their treasure from Europe to North America for safekeeping. This treasure, believed to be hidden in tunnels and caves, might contain relics like the Holy Grail and the Ark of the Covenant. Despite the clues and discoveries linking to the Knights, it remains unfound.

2. Arizona – The Lost Dutchman’s Mine


In the Superstition Mountains of Arizona lies a gold mine known as the Lost Dutchman’s Mine. According to the legend, Jacob Waltz discovered this gold source and kept its location a secret. On his deathbed, he provided hints to its whereabouts. Many have attempted to locate this mine over the past hundred years, with some even losing their lives in the pursuit.

1. Poland – The Nazi Gold Train


After World War II, rumors spread about a train full of treasures and gold hidden by the Nazis in Poland. Despite searches since 1945 and skepticism from historians, the train’s exact location and its treasures, if they exist, are yet to be discovered.

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