Lorna Shore’s Will Ramos On Why He Loves Sleep Token

Bihter Sevinc

Lorna Shore’s lead vocalist Will Ramos recently sat down with Rock Sound for an interview and explained why Sleep Token is one of his favorite bands.

The singer expressed his love for Sleep Token with the following words:

“I’m gonna say it; I love Sleep Token. You guys are listening right now. I love you guys. I was just talking to your manager, and I was like, you guys are my favorite band.”

Ramos further said that Sleep Token’s style of music really fits him:

“I don’t get to sing often because people are like, ‘Will’s just the screaming guy.’ Yes… but I love singing. And Sleep Token are the perfect…hey, I can kind of fit in there; it’s in my range. Shout-out to Sleep Token, keep making amazing music, and I will keep listening to it and doing covers of it.”

Actually, his cover of Sleep Token’s ‘Chokehold’ in March had already shown Will’s admiration for the band. It proved that the vocalist could do more than extreme-metal screams. He said in the description for his cover:

“Sleep Token is putting out their new album on May 19, and I am absolutely loving it so far. Vessel’s voice is right in my range, so I figured I’d keep dropping covers! On that note, I hope you enjoy my cover of Sleep Token’s new song ‘Chokehold.'”

You can listen to Ramos’ version below.

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