LP Reveals The Male Rock Stars Who Inspired Their Style

Elif Ozden

LP recently joined GLAMOUR for an interview, where they talked about their influences. During the conversation, the musician also revealed the names of male rockers who were an inspiration source for their style.

According to LP, what inspired them was their fluid sexuality:

Mick Jagger, Freddie Mercury, David Bowie, Bob Dylan… I feel like I’m a little past androgyny where I like to veer on to the more masculine side. I just like to be able to feel like a bit of a tornado of male and female when I’m singing.”

The musician then recalled the reactions they get due to the contrast between their masculine appearance and feminine singing voice:

“When I perform in the southern states in America, I walk into a bar and when I start singing everyone’s shocked because they thought I was a dude.

Mick Jagger, one of LP’s influences, told Rolling Stone in 1995 that his inspiration was a 1950s rock singer, but he eventually created his own androgynous style. He said:

“I always thought Buddy Holly was very effeminate. His voice, not necessarily his look. And you just incorporated it all. I just pushed it further because it seemed the natural thing to do.”

As reported by the Advocate, another self-described ‘androgynous performer,’ Halsey, also cited Mick Jagger as her inspiration.

LP announced their sixth studio album ‘Love Lines‘ in May, along with a new single titled ‘Golden.’ The album is set to release on September 29, and it’s available to pre-order.

You can listen to ‘Golden’ below.

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