Lucinda Williams Shares Details On Her ‘Scary’ Stroke

Elifnaz Yuksel

American country musician Lucinda Williams opened up about the stroke she had in November 2020. In her interview with Paste, she gave details about how the stroke occurred, the process at the hospital, the rehab period and post-recovery.

Lucinda began telling that it was actually her husband Tom Overby who recognised the symptoms and took the initiative:

“Well, when I had to go that day, the hospital day, it started out a normal day. But I just felt really tired and I had to lay down. Then Tom, my husband, Tom, came in and saw me laying down, and I was laying down on the floor actually, and he ended up on the phone with the doctor, and she said to call the ambulance—she recognized the symptoms, and thought it might be a stroke. So she told Tom to call the ambulance, which he did, and they came, the EMTs, and we told ‘em not to put the siren on, but they did anyway.”

She continued by describing the physical therapy and rehabilitation process, and how the stroke physically affected her:

“And then, just a few days after I got in the hospital, they started me on rehab. They had a rehab unit in the hospital, so I had to start doing that every day, a little bit, with physical therapists and all, because I had to learn to walk again. I couldn’t even walk across the room without falling down. It’s really strange. It’s a brain thing—that’s what’s so surreal about it. I learned a lot about the human brain and how it affects the whole rest of the body and all, and my stroke was on the right side, so everything on the left side got affected—my left arm and hand.”

When she was asked about the post recovery period, she answered:

“Everything’s good. I mean, I feel good, ya know? But my left arm and hand still aren’t completely recovered yet. But it’s my brain—if only they had something that they could stick in my brain or something to rewire everything.”

During pandemic, Lucinda released her album ‘Good Souls Better Angels,’ in which a song titled ‘Man Without A Soul‘ is thought to be referred to Donald Trump. Her latest album ‘Stories from a Rock n Roll Heart’ is released in June 30, 2023.

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