Lzzy Hale Shares The Halestorm Song She Regretted Making

Melisa Karakas

Lzzy Hale recently spoke with 1o1 WRIF and revealed which Halestorm song wasn’t supposed to be released.

The singer first discussed how her bandmates encouraged her to share the ‘dumb’ songs she wrote, only for herself, saying:

“I write a lot of dumb sh*t that I don’t think is good. There will ultimately be a fight, like ‘Well, just show us,’ ya know? And there’ll always be one of those dumb songs where the guys are like ‘No, we have to do this song.'”

Hale then shared how she’d initially written the song, ‘Do Not Disturb,’ for her eyes only:

“I had written that for myself in a kind of club, dance way. It’s very much something funny for me. It’s like, I don’t know, I had a threesome. Nobody’s going to want to hear about that… Also, it’s weird and not relatable to everybody.”

However, after Hale’s bandmate, bassist Josh Smith read the lyrics and liked them, he came up with a bass line for the song. Then, after Lzzy decided the bass lines were cool enough, she decided to greenlight to record the track and have it on their ‘Vicious’ album.

You can listen to it down below.

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