Machine Gun Kelly Named As The ‘Target’ In Jacksonville Attacker’s Writings

Zehra Kabak

Rolling Stone revealed new details about the shooting that took place in Jacksonville, Florida, on Saturday. According to a recent article, the gunman left behind a list of targets, including artists like Machine Gun Kelly and Eminem.

The police identified a 21-year-old white man called Ryan Christopher Palmeter as the suspect in the attack that killed three black people: Angela Carr, Jerrald Gaillon, and A.J. Laguerre Jr.

According to Jacksonville Sheriff T.K. Waters, Palmeter died by suicide shortly after the killings and left behind a racist manifesto. Although the police didn’t reveal the full writing, Rolling Stone reportedly reviewed its content, which referred to the attacker’s hopes ‘for a race war.’

The Rolling Stone article noted that the shooter’s manifesto included anti-Black slurs directed at Machine Gun Kelly and Eminem. It specifically described the latter’s work as ‘gay’ and ‘liberal.’

The writing also expressed admiration for mass killers like Timothy McVeigh and the Oklahoma City bomber. So, Sheriff Waters talked about it during a press conference on Monday by saying:

“He just didn’t like government. He didn’t like the left or right if that’s what we’re talking about. He didn’t like anything.”

He also announced that the full letter would be released after an FBI review in the upcoming weeks.

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