Madison Beer On Having Lana Del Rey As Her Fan

Elif Ozden

In a recent episode of Sirius XM’s Hits1, Madison Beer updated fans about an interview Lana Del Rey made with her for Interview Magazine. During the conversation, the singer shared her reaction when she found out Lana was a big fan of her music.

Recalling how they ended up interviewing each other, Beer said:

“We did an interview together for Interview Magazine … She interviewed me, which is insane and unreal. I think that’s what Interview Magazine does; they were like, ‘Who’s the dream list?’ and I said, ‘Lana.’ I’m like, ‘Obviously, this is not gonna happen,’ and 30 minutes later, like, ‘She’s in!’ I was like, ‘I don’t know what’s going on!'”

Beer revealed that they had actually met before, and Lana is one of her idols. As she claimed, Lana was an exception to the saying ‘Don’t meet your idols’:

“We’ve met before, and she’s just the sweetest person; she’s so kind, and she’s so genuinely supportive of me and is rooting for me. I just love her so much, and she’s been such a breath of fresh air in regard to meeting your idols. Everyone always says, ‘Don’t meet your idols!’ and I texted her the day we met, and I was like, ‘You erased that for me, and you really just blew my mind.’ So, she’s been incredible to me in every way.”

According to the 24-year-old singer, she was surprised that Lana listened to her album and even got favorites from it:

“She listened to the album, and on the interview, she was like, ‘I’ve listened to it three times, and I love this song, and I love this song,’ and the fact that she’s ever heard anything I’ve done was just really cool.”

Asked about the coolest things Lana said about her, Beer continued:

“She was on a carpet for the Billboard Women of Music, and they were like, ‘What are you excited about currently in music?’ and the first thing out of her mouth was my name. I was just like, ‘What’s happening?’ She was like, ‘I just think people like Madison Beer, Billie Eilish, and Olivia Rodrigo are so amazing.’ I was like, ‘Why am I in this sentence right now?'”

During her Billboard appearance, Lana said she is excited about the mainstream scene. Expressing her appreciation toward Beer, Rodrigo, and Eilish’s music, she said she was happy to be there with these names:

“I’m in super good company now. I’m really so excited about where music is at. Madison Beer, Olivia Rodrigo, I mean, Billie Eilish is my love. These are my people. It’s so interesting to be in a room of people where you can actually wave to everybody and be like, ‘Oh!’ I feel like, in a way, all the little sounds I wanted to hear on the radio caught up to this moment, and I love that.”

On a possible collaboration with Lana, Madison said it can happen only in her dreams, for now. However, it seems her dreams might come true:

“Currently in my dreams, but we’re working on it.”

Madison’s new album ‘Silence Between Songs’ is set to release on September 15. As reported by Teen Vogue, she sent her new music to Lana and already got her approval.

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