Maizie Williams’ Revelation About Why Boney M Had To Break Up

Bihter Sevinc

Boney M, a disco group that originated in Germany in 1976, blended various music genres like Latin, soul, and disco. Liz Mitchell, Marcia Barrett, Maizie Williams, and Bobby Farrell were the founding members. They achieved success with global chart-toppers like ‘Daddy Cool,’ ‘Rasputin,’ and ‘Rivers of Babylon.’

However, the band’s classic lineup officially split up in early 1986 after releasing the single, ‘Young, Free and Single.’ During a 2018 interview with Starts at 60, Williams addressed the reasons behind the disbandment after more than three decades. When asked if the band parted ways due to conflicts among its members, the singer said:

“Yes, most of that is quite true; there were a lot of disputes going on and different opinions. Everyone kind of had their own issue, whatever it was.”

She continued, reflecting on the impact of Farrell’s departure on the band:

“We grew apart, unfortunately. Bobby had left the group due to issues with loyalty to the record company and/or producer, and there was a major fallout there. When Bobby left, the group collapsed somewhat. Not a little; the group did collapse. But he did what he had to do.”

Recalling the aftermath, Maizie added:

“We tried to continue with another guy, but that didn’t work out too well because Bobby had to end up coming back! Bobby was the man. It was just internal little squabbles, along with problems with our producer, and that brought everything to a closure, really.”

In 1982, Reggie Tsiboe replaced Farrell in Boney M, but their new songs didn’t do well. In 1984, their album ‘Ten Thousand Lightyears’ also didn’t sell well. However, they had a brief return to the German charts with ‘Kalimba de Luna’ and ‘Happy Song’ in late 1984, with Bobby rejoining briefly.

Since the disbandment in 1986, various lineups of the band have performed with different members. In 1988, the classic Boney M lineup reunited without producer Frank Farian for the album ‘Greatest Hits of All Times – Remix ’88.’ However, tensions among the members led to Mitchell’s departure in the spring of 1989, and Madeleine Davis replaced her.

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