Måneskin’s Damiano David Breaks Up With Longtime Girlfriend Giorgia Soleri

Elif Ozden

After a video of him kissing a woman went viral on TikTok, Damiano David received backlash from the fans as the woman in question wasn’t Giorgia Soleri. Soon after, the Måneskin frontman took to his Instagram to clear the air, revealing he and Giorgia have broken up.

According to a translation of his Instagram story, Damiano’s statement read:

“I’m very sorry this video came out, it wasn’t how we wanted to handle the situation, and it was my mistake. Giorgia and I decided to break up for a few days now, so there weren’t any betrayals of any kind. I hope this doesn’t affect the image of Giorgia, and may you respect the delicacy of this moment.”

In the video posted by the TikTok user @valeebarba, Damiano is seen kissing a woman in a club. Fans reacted to the video in the comments section, expressing their disappointment. Another fan alleged that the woman seen in the video was a friend of Giorgia. However, this hasn’t been confirmed.

Damiano had been together with Soleri since 2017, and the model shared a photo of the two kissing in an Instagram post not long ago, on May 12. In another post shared in April, she posted black and white photos of her and Damiano with a caption that read ‘same team.’

You can check out Damiano’s original Instagram story below.

Photo Credit: Damiano David – Instagram Stories
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