Maneskin’s Damiano David Has Started Finding His Unique Voice, Justin Hawkins Explains

Elifnaz Yuksel

The Darkness frontman Justin Hawkins recently listened to Maneskin’s newest single ‘Honey (Are U Coming?)’ and shared his thoughts on the vocalist Damiano David’s singing style in the recent episode of Justin Hawkins Rides Again. Justin mentioned that the style of ‘Honey’ sounded similar to Cults, and reminded him of a ‘Darkness’ song:

“What does that remind me of? I mean it sounds like the Cults and as everybody knows I’m a huge Cult enthusiast. There’s a Darkness song that’s a bit like that too called ‘Open Fire.’ It’s just that kind of driving. When somebody said 90s earlier I’d suggest maybe earlier than that it’s like a sort of mid-to-late 80s kind of Goth Rocky vibe to the guitar riff.”

Hawkins praised Damiano’s singing and performing skills, emphasising the importance of being in the moment for the frontpeople:

“I really admired Damiano David. I think he’s such a ballsy performer. He really just goes for it and there’s no kind of sense of that sort of uber self-awareness that prevents a lot of singers from being the frontman they could possibly be. He’s not afflicted by that kind of embarrasment, I don’t think. And I always admire that in frontpeople. I think it’s an important trait.”

The Darkness frontman also analysed David’s vocals and mentioned their uniqueness:

“It gives a bit of that sort of what’s that called… An affectation of some sort where the note comes in and sort of flaps in a little bit just after. I think he’s defining his vocal style over the last few releases and now he’s kind of got this thing where you recognise him straight away.”

Justin analysed Damiano’s voice and praised him in the past. In 2022, also on Justin Hawkins Rides Again, he mentioned that when listening to David’s vocals throughout the songs, he could hear it has gotten better. Justin explained the situation as:

“When a vocalist gets busy, and they spend a couple of years just singing hardnearly every night, it can change your voice and round it off in one of two ways it either sort of starts to get raspy, and then you sound more like a roofer than a singer, or you can develop these kinds of husky bits within your range that you can lean on for you know the emotional impact in certain places, and it actually improves you. I think the second thing happened to Damiano. I think he’s gotten better.”

Below, you can watch the whole episode, also listen to Maneskin’s new single.


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