Mark Morton Shares The Unsolicited List Of Wildly Underrated Guitarists

Serra Ozturk

Lamb Of God guitarist Mark Morton took to X to share an unsolicited list of guitarists that were a part of 80s bands, who don’t get much recognition nowadays. However instead of giving their full names, Mark only shared which band they were a part of. Here’s what Morton tweeted:

“Here’s a short, unsolicited list of wildly underrated guitarists that were in popular ‘80s bands.

-the dude in The Cars
-the dude in Huey Lewis & The News
-the dude in REO Speedwagon
-the dude in Miami Sound Machine
-the dude in The Georgia Satellites “

When someone replied to his tweet pointing out that he disrespected the guitarists by not listing their real names, Mark responded and said:

“I know their names but you don’t so I was helping you out. You’re welcome.”

The term ‘underrated’ has been used by several other musicians who want to share who they think deserve more of the spotlight in the industry. More recently Alter Bridge’s Myles Kennedy gave a shout out to Jeff Buckley’s guitar playing.

Kennedy sat down with Guitar World this past summer to discuss his inspirations and share why Buckley deserved more credit. He explained:

“At that time [the 90s], grunge was all the rage. And while I appreciate grunge, and I love it, Jeff Buckley provided something very different from that stuff… To this day, his guitar playing is very underrated. Jeff used a lot of weird tunings that made sense with his voice. He was such a crazy talent and so unique. What he did back then profoundly affected me and still does today.”

You can read Mark Morton’s tweets below.

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