Mark Ronson Recalls Paul McCartney’s Life-Changing Advice

Zehra Kabak

In a recent interview with, Mark Ronson shared some thoughts about his past collaborations. He specifically mentioned his work on the track ‘Alligator’ from Paul McCartney’s 2013 album, ‘New,’ and the advice he received from the former Beatle during its production, saying:

“He definitely gives you a day to f**k up and be an idiot because you’re just so nervous to be in the studio with McCartney. By the second day, it’s like, ‘Okay, get your s**t together.'”

About his suggestions, he went on:

“I remember running around just like, ‘What sound can I find for Paul McCartney that every other amazing producer who ever recorded him [hasn’t found already]?’ He was like, ‘Anybody can record a pristine acoustic guitar. Give me something with some characteristic that’s iconic. That feels like someone just put the needle down on track one on an album.’ That’s something I always try to remember: don’t just make it sound like a guitar, make it sound like a record.”

After their collaboration on ‘New,’ McCartney and Ronson worked together on a television project. The 81-year-old singer made guest appearances on a few episodes of the 2021 series ‘Watch the Sound with Mark Ronson.’

In an interview with The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon that year, the DJ mentioned that Paul McCartney also shared some songwriting ideas with him during a phone call following the show’s release. Then, he recalled what happened after the call ended as follows:

“I look at my phone, and there is a voice recording on my phone from Paul McCartney. He sang a little bit of this song to tell me to go make the song, ‘I’m in love and I’m happy.’ It’s crazy; I’m dropping it on Spotify on Friday, I mean Apple Music. [Laughs]”

You can check out Mark Ronson’s words about the ex-Beatles member here.

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