Meet Eminem’s Third Child, Stevie ‘Whitney’ Laine

Elif Ozden

Stevie ‘Whitney’ Laine is the 19-year-old sibling of Hailie and Alaina Scott Mathers. Known by many as Eminem’s third child, they were born as Whitney Laine Scott on April 16, 2002, in Saint Joseph, Missouri, and later raised in Michigan.

How They Became a Part of Eminem’s Family


Their biological parents are Eminem’s ex-wife Kim Scott and the late tattoo artist Eric Hartter. Kim Scott was involved with Hartter during a hiatus in her relationship with the rap mogul. Hartter, unfortunately, succumbed to his struggles with drug addiction and the law, passing away in 2020.

In 2005, amidst a reconciliation with Kim Scott, Eminem adopted Stevie, bringing them into his family. The couple remarried the following year, only to part ways again within the same year. Eminem, whose real name is Marshall Mathers, and Scott have two other daughters — Hailie Jade, their biological child, and Alaina, the daughter of Scott’s late sister Dawn.

Stevie’s Personal Life


Stevie is currently dating Declan Jace, a TikToker. They have been open about their life on TikTok, a platform where they have garnered a following of almost 50,000 users under the handle @st0nedc0w. They share content ranging from hair tutorials to personal revelations. One such revelation that made waves across the internet was Stevie’s public declaration of their non-binary and gender-fluid identity.

In a TikTok post featuring hashtags like #genderfluid, #bi, and #nonbinary, Stevie shared a transformative journey, becoming ‘more comfortable with myself’ and ‘forever growing and changing.’ Their announcement was not only met with support from their followers but also by their sister, Hailie Jade.

Controversy Around Stevie’s Adoption


However, the platform also served as a space where Stevie brought attention to the controversy around their adoption. In a now-deleted TikTok video, Stevie hinted that Eminem had failed to tell them about their adoption and falsely claimed to be their biological father. They reportedly found out about their biological father and their adoption after receiving an article about Hartter’s death.

The TikTok video used text overlays to reenact a conversation between them and their family about the adoption. Stevie’s grandmother was named Kathleen Sluck, whose obituary mentioned Stevie’s new name. She was also featured in the article they received. The video ended with a note saying, ‘I’m sorry they wouldn’t tell you about him.’

Stevie’s sister Hailie Jade announced her engagement to Evan McClintock in February, while her other sibling, Alaina, got married to her longtime boyfriend Matt Moeller on June 9. As of now, Stevie lives with Eminem in a mansion in Clinton Township, Michigan.

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