Meet Min Yoongi, All You Need To Know About SUGA From BTS

Elif Ozden

Not only a rapper but also a songwriter, producer, and instrumentalist, Min Yoongi, or SUGA, is among the favorites of KPOP fans as a member of BTS. Let’s explore the life and achievements of the musician, exploring his musical influences, life story, and career milestones.

Min Yoongi’s Early Life


Born on March 9, 1993, in Daegu, South Korea, Yoongi showed an interest in music from an early age. Exposed to the world of music after hearing Stony Skunk’s ‘Ragga Muffin,’ he started composing and performing during his school days.

Yoongi attended Taejeon Elementary School and Gwaneum Middle School. He graduated from Apgujeong High School and earned a Broadcasting and Entertainment degree from Global Cyber University.


Before joining Big Hit Entertainment (now HYBE Corporation) and BTS, Yoongi gained experience as a producer under the name Gloss. He also faced numerous challenges during this period, including economic hardship and skepticism from those who doubted his career choice in music. Before fame, he had to live off of $2 a day and worked unpaid part-time gigs.

He underwent surgery for appendicitis in late 2013 and for a torn labrum in his left shoulder in November 2020. Apart from these health issues, he also suffered from mental disorders such as depression, OCD, and social anxiety.

Despite these hurdles, Yoongi pressed on, auditioning and being accepted as a trainee at Big Hit Entertainment in 2010.

SUGA’s Musical Career


Min Yoongi debuted as SUGA with BTS on June 13, 2013. He serves as one of the group’s primary rappers and has played a role in songwriting and production for numerous BTS albums. Some of the tracks he has contributed to include ‘I Need U,’ ‘Fire,’ and ‘Blood, Sweat, and Tears.’

Under the pseudonym Agust D, Yoongi released his first mixtape in 2016, followed by a second mixtape named ‘D-2’ in 2020. His singles like ‘Daechwita,’ ‘People Pt. 2’ (featuring IU), and ‘Haegeum’ reached number 1 on the Billboard World Digital Song Sales chart.


In addition to his work with BTS and as Agust D, SUGA has collaborated with other artists in the Korean and international music scene. His collaborations include ‘Song Request‘ with Lee Sora, ‘That That‘ with PSY, and ‘Eight‘ with IU, among others.

Over the years, SUGA has received various awards, both as a part of BTS and for his individual work. This includes the Melon Music Awards and the Golden Disk Awards, to name a few. He also received a Grammy nomination for co-writing a track on Coldplay’s 2021 album ‘Music of the Spheres.’

His Personal Interests and Influence


Outside of his music career, SUGA is known for his interest in basketball and photography. He has used his platform to discuss social issues and contribute to charitable causes, including donations to the Korea Pediatric Cancer Foundation and Hope Bridge National Disaster Relief Association. Moreover, he also donated beef to nearly 40 orphanages in 2018.

In 2023, Yoongi was named a brand ambassador for the Italian luxury fashion company Valentino and an ambassador for the NBA. As of now, he has a net worth of $40 million.

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