Melvins Will Continue Touring Without Dale Crover

Elifnaz Yuksel

Melvins recently announced from their IG page that their drummer Dale Crover won’t be attending their new ‘Twins of Evil Tour’ due to health issues. They released a post, titled:

“Melvins Dedicate ‘Twins of Evil Tour’ to Dale Crover as He Prepares for Spinal Surgery.”

In the statement, they explained Dale’s situation and that he won’t be able to attend the tour during recovery:

“We are sad to announce that literally days before leaving on tour, our drummer Dale Crover learned he needed immediate emergency spinal surgery which will take him out of commission for months. He’s doing as well as can be expected considering the severity of the situation.”

In the post, members also mentioned who will embark on the tour with them for the drums:

“The one stroke of luck in all this was that Coady Willis: part of the Melvins’ family for 8+ years, who literally trained in sitting by Dale’s side on too many tours to count — is able to step in and take over on drums.”

The band brought up the groups which will accompany them, and clarified that they look out for both their guests, and the audience’s sake:

“With Mr. Phylzzz already on the road heading to L.A. from Chicago and Boris flying in from Japan, we all felt we needed to support Dale and the other bands on the bill, as well as the ticket holders, by continuing with the tour as scheduled.”

Lastly, band members asked for support, and kindness from their fans:

“We ask everyone’s solidarity during this dark time. Obviously, our primary concern right now is Dale’s health, and we’re doing everything possible on our end to make sure he gets what he needs to make a full recovery.”

Melvins will embark on ‘The Evil Twins Tour’ on August 24 and they will be on the road until October 14. Check here for the dates and the tickets. Here, you can read the IG post.

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