Michael Poulsen Confirms Volbeat Will Take Some Time Off From Touring

Zehra Kabak

After wrapping up a recent tour with Halestorm, Volbeat‘s Michael Poulsen took to Twitter/X to share some updates about the band’s plans for 2024. In a video message, he announced:

“Now we’re home, and we’re going to use some time on family, our kids, and we’re not going to tour next year. But we are going to write a new album and go into the studio to record the album, so next time we are on the road, it’ll be with a bunch of new songs. Can’t wait. A lot of great ideas for the next record, so we will get started working on that.”

The upcoming album will follow their 2021 release, ‘Servant of the Mind.’ Volbeat will likely introduce a new guitarist for the new record due to Rob Caggiano’s absence.

Before the final leg of the 2023 summer tour, the band announced its long-time guitarist’s departure on social media. Following that, Caggiano shared a statement on Instagram and explained:

“Sometimes relationships simply run their course. Sometimes, certain obstacles, people, or circumstances get in the way of the greater good. Sometimes, people change, and priorities shift. Sometimes, it’s unavoidable. We had a very special, undeniable magic together as a band. It’s not something that comes around too often in this life, and it’s not something to be taken lightly. I certainly do not.”

He also hinted at new projects and went on:

“However, while this is really a very emotional time for me, I’m also extremely excited about what lies ahead in the future. Lots of exciting things happening right now. I really couldn’t be more fired up! Stay tuned…”

As Caggiano left Volbeat’s lineup, Flemming C. Lund filled the guitarist’s role for live performances. While the band plans its hiatus next year, he will be active, continuing his work with Asinhell.

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