Mick Brown Says Don Dokken Left Him Out Of The Last Dokken Records

Zehra Kabak

Mick Brown, stepping back from touring life in 2019, has recently shared some behind-the-scenes information about his career with Dokken. In his conversation with the Rimshots With Sean podcast, he detailed his last days with the band, recounting how Don Dokken didn’t let him play on their last records.

As the conversation unwound, the drummer threw some light on his declining health due to playing and traveling for decades. His longstanding career was marred by injuries, which increasingly took a toll on his well-being. These complications influenced the vocalist’s decision to keep Brown away from recording sessions, putting out the glow that had once fueled his passion for drumming.

The retired musician painted a vivid picture of his struggle, stating:

“I wouldn’t have stopped if the pain wasn’t there. But the pain was, and it was getting too much for me. And the traveling — listen, after 40 years of traveling that fast [laughs], the last thing I wanted to do was go to another airport or sit in a van going to the hotel or on a tour bus. I was done.

And I just let the higher power go, ‘All right. You’re done.’ And I followed that. Everything I liked about it had kind of disappeared anyway. Like in today’s world, Don wasn’t using me on the records — the last couple of records. And I’m, like, ‘I’m the drummer in the band. You’re not gonna…?’ ‘Cause it cost money to fly me; it turned into that world. And it became a job. And I was, like, ‘It’s still a real good job.'”

Recalling the rewarding moments of his career, he continued:

“I loved the creative part of working. Like when Jeff [Pilson] and George [Lynch] would write a song and deliver it to Don and show him what we had, that was a really satisfying thing. That was gone. My roadie was gone. I had to set up a different drum set every day. It went full circle from what you did when you were 14 to 63. I’m, like, ‘I’m back as a 14-year-old, except I’m really old. I have to set these drums up? F-ck that.'”

While announcing his retirement, Brown said he was ‘taking a break’ and left room for speculation about a possible return. Recently, George Lynch addressed these rumors in a chat with VintageRock Podcast. The guitarist confirmed that the drummer has hung up his sticks for good and has no intention of returning to the live stage.

In response to a question about the possibility of a Dokken reunion, Lynch said:

“No. The short-version answer is no. The reason is, for one, Mick has retired. He sold his drums, got rid of his drums. He doesn’t play anymore. Maybe he goes and jams here and there. And for his own mental and physical health, he’s just kind of disconnected from the whole world, and he doesn’t return our calls. That’s okay.”

In a memorable event back in October 2016, the classic Dokken lineup regrouped for a thrilling performance at the Loud Park festival in Japan. After that, the band moved forward with a new lineup, including bassist Chris McCarvill, guitarist Jon Levin, and drummer BJ Zampa.

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