Mick Fleetwood Admits Feeling ‘Helpless’ During The Devastating Wildfires

Elifnaz Yuksel

As a Hawaii resident for years, Fleetwood Mac frontman Mick Fleetwood shared his experiences regarding Hawaii wildfires, which have been going on since the beginning of August and caused an estimated $6 billion worth of damage. Mick mentioned that he wasn’t in Lahaina at the time but flew back as soon as he got the news:

“These hills were ablaze and I wasn’t there… I was feeling helpless, and switches were going on and off as to what to do. It’s an incredible shock for everyone. The whole town of Lahaina is no more. That in itself is a statement that leads you immediately to the people who lived there. Selfishly, I haven’t lost a family member. I didn’t lose my house. Yeah, it could have happened, but it didn’t happen… I’m really lucky.”

Fleetwood also explained that he adopted a duty of spreading awareness, and advised people about being proactive and sensitive towards disastrous events:

“Now, what the hell can I do? The immediacy is finding people. The immediacy is communicating and knowing who’s here and who’s safe. What I can do and I’m doing is being an advocate to say ‘Pay attention to what is going on’… That’s actually way more helpful than going down and crying in Lahaina… that will happen, I’m sure, but not now.

The thought of it becoming some form of playground with no reference to the dignity of that town, to me, would be abhorrent. There are always lessons to be learned. [There should be] a quiet reverence to keeping our eyes and ears open to the world that we live in. And… not living with the continuum of regret, regret and regret.”

Fleetwood Mac drummer also posted a photo of his restaurant, which he lost to the fires, and :

“Maui and the Lahaina community have been my home for several decades. This is a devastating moment for Maui, and many are suffering unimaginable loss. Fleetwood’s on Front Street has been lost and while we are heartbroken, our main priority is the safety of our dear staff and team members.

On behalf of myself and my family, I share my heartfelt thoughts and prayers for the people of Maui. We are committed to supporting the community and those affected by this disaster in the days and months and years to come.”

Although Fleetwood Mac is still together, after the band’s keyboardist Christine McVie’s passing on November 30, 2022, the band went on a kind of hiatus where each member focused on their personal lives. Regarding the matter, Mick said:

“I think right now, I truly think the line in the sand has been drawn with the loss of Chris. I’d say we’re done, but then we’ve all said that before. It’s sort of unthinkable right now.”

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