Midge Ure Compares Muse’s Sound To Ultravox’s

Deniz Kivilcim

In a recent interview with Louder Sound, Midge Ure commented about the resemblance of the sounds of a few bands and compared it to his band, Ultravox. When asked about a particular band influenced by his, Ure mentioned the name of a later band. He said:

“Muse are the obvious one. Their melodic structures, their harmonies, and, dare I say it, their pomposity – they out-pomped Ultravox many times! They took it to a completely different level. But anyone who’s heard Ultravox can hear the similarities.”

Muse was only one of the other bands Ure compared. He went on to discuss two additional bands that had already transformed into stadium rock bands by the time his own band’s album ‘Lament’ was released in 1982. The frontman, revealing whether Ultravox were into stadium rock, added:

“When they started, Simple Minds were a hybrid of Ultravox and Magazine, with a bit of U2 thrown in. By 1984, U2 had moved into stadium rock and were mega in what was, to me, a slightly dated way, and Simple Minds tried to follow, with lots of thumping bass for people to clap their hands to. Ultravox didn’t do that. We were never into the stadium rock thing.”

Not only the frontman but the fans too noticed the similarities between Muse and Ultravox. Some people suggest that Ure would be able to perform Muse’s ‘Starlight‘, and that the drum tracks for ‘Guiding Light‘ are nearly identical to Ultravox’s ‘Vienna‘. Even a mashup of the two songs was made by a fan to show the resemblance.

You can check out the mashup below.

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