Minji Wants To Repay The Support NewJeans Received

Elif Ozden

Speaking to People for a recent interview, members of the K-Pop group Newjeans expressed their feelings about the band’s quick rise to success. Ahead of Newjeans’ first anniversary as a group, they reflected on the support they received from fans. As Minji said, she wants to repay it as they couldn’t achieve their goals without them:

“I strive to repay the immense love and support NewJeans has received. Achieving significant milestones in our journey has been possible only with the help of others. We are deeply grateful to our beloved Bunnies, the supportive audience, and all those who have supported the members… My heart is filled with everlasting gratitude!”

Hanni then added that they also should credit the crew that helped them produce the songs and make content:

“I also believe that an achievement like this shouldn’t be credited to us but to those who put so much effort into making and producing our songs and content behind the scenes. Without them, we wouldn’t be able to release songs like these.”

Following the release of their debut ‘Attention’ in July 2022, Newjeans rose to fame rapidly, breaking the Guinness World Record for ‘Fastest K-pop act to reach 1 billion streams on Spotify’ and unseating BTS. Although they are less than one year old, the group is dubbed the fastest-rising K-Pop act on the planet.

In March, Minji was named ambassador for Chanel Korea across the beauty, fashion, and watches and jewelry categories.

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