Mod Sun Picks 5 Songs He Wished He’d Written

Elif Ozden

Rapper Mod Sun recently sat down with Scott Lipps of Lipps Service for an interview. During the conversation, he also answered some fan questions. Responding to one of the questions, Sun revealed the five songs he wished he’d written.

Lipps asked Sun to start with the number fine. He responded:

“Starting with number five… Um, Brian Jonestown Massacre, ‘Ballad of Jim Jones.'”

After that, Sun and Lipps recalled watching the 2004 documentary ‘Dig!,’ which is about the bands The Brian Jonestown Massacre and The Dandy Warhols. Saying it’s a great documentary, the rapper exclaimed:

“Oh, one of the craziest documentaries in music history. I’m gonna re-watch it. It’s so crazy.”

Lipps and Sun then recommended the fans to watch it as well. Sun then named another documentary he liked:

“Check out ‘Dig!’ It’s really actually one of the craziest stories in musical history. Have you seen ‘Searching for Sugar Man?’ Another insane music story.”

Going back to naming the songs, Sun continued:

“Number four, uh, ‘Sympathy’ by the Goo Goo Dolls. Amazing song.”

Lipps reminded the rapper that he once covered another of the band’s songs, ‘Iris.’ Confirming that, Sun went on to reveal number three:

“Number three, ‘Dry Your Eyes’ by The Streets.”

Agreeing that Mike Skinner is a great artist, the rapper named the third song:

“Number two, ‘Things’ by Mazzy Star. Another great artist.”

Then, it was time for the number one:

“Number one, ‘Shelter From The Storm’ by Bob Dylan. I wish I would have written every song by Bob Dylan.”

In a previous interview with Forbes, Mod Sun talked about the Bob Dylan songs he wished he had written. Saying Dylan is his musical hero, he picked the same song again:

“‘Shelter From The Storm,’ because that song brings a tear to my eye every time. I really do think of all the people who have been my shelter from the storm, and I think of all the people I provide shelter from the storm to. This man, as far as I’m concerned, is the greatest songwriter of all time. And he’s still doing it to this day. That’s my hero; that’s all I want to do. I want to be singing on the day I die.”

The rapper met Dylan’s music back when he was four years old, living on a farm in Minnesota, where Dylan had a farm as well. Mod Sun’s current music collection features numerous songs by Dylan, as he claims he looks for inspiration in the singer’s music.

In a June 2nd interview with NME, Eric André also revealed the song that made him wish he’d written it. You can read that article here.

Below, you can watch the interview and listen to Dylan’s ‘Shelter From The Storm.’

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