Motionless In White Singer Chris Motionless’ Favorite Horror Movie

Zehra Kabak

In a past interview, Chris Motionless discussed some of the influences behind Motionless In White’s 2014 album ‘Reincarnate,’ naming singers and bands like Rob Zombie and Rammstein. Additionally, during this chat with, he mentioned a few of his favorite horror films:

“My favorite has, and will always, be the original ‘Halloween (1978)’ movie. That, to me, is just the benchmark Slasher for Horror. It always has been; it is never going to be touched. I did really like the Rob Zombie remake a lot, but of course, the original is never going to be beaten for me.”

Giving more movie names, the singer went on:

“‘Halloween’ is my favorite, but I really like ‘The Lost Boys (1987).’ That is probably my second favorite; a close tie-up there with Halloween. Those two have just always been my go-to movies as my favorites, the ones that I always gravitate towards.”

He also added some remakes to the list by saying:

“I also like a lot of the remake movies that have recently come out, like the remake of ‘The Amityville Horror (2005)’ that came out a couple of years ago. I really like the movie that came out in 2012, ‘The Cabin in the Woods.’ That was totally one of the most clever, amazing approaches to Horror movies that I have ever seen. ‘Halloween,’ ‘The Lost Boys,’ and ‘The Cabin in the Woods’ are my top three favorites.”

According to his words from years ago, these movies and the horror genre affected Motionless and his band’s music throughout the years. The vocalist explained this influence in a chat with Horror News and shared in 2016:

“I’m just a really big fan of horror and characters, and I am a huge fan of movies and film. I feel like music is used to enhance scenes you see in movies, so I tried to flip that around and use a movie-like storyline and characters to enhance our music. If that makes sense? [Laughs]”

Referring to his songwriting, he added:

“I just didn’t want to write all these songs about one redundant thing, so I felt like taking a risk and challenging myself to write through the eyes of characters and provide a solid storyline for them would give the listeners a bigger experience.”

Motionless In White’s recent releases also included horror elements in some tracks and music videos like ‘Disguise.’ This method continued in its latest album, ‘Scoring The End Of The World,’ with tracks like ‘Werewolf.’

You can listen to the said songs in the videos below.

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