My Name Is Earl Star Jaime Pressly’s Net Worth Is Less Than Expected

Zehra Kabak

After making her breakthrough in ‘My Name Is Earl’ and winning an Emmy for it, Jaime Pressly mostly stuck to TV projects, although she also took part in films. Following her roles in shows like ‘Mom’ and ‘Two And A Half Men,’ she joined the ‘Welcome To Flatch’ cast in recent years.

Despite her consistent presence on television, Celebrity Net Worth listed the actress’ net worth as $7 million with a recent update in April. The website tied this result to her financial struggles in 2015.

That year, Pressly put her $2.25 million house bought in 2008 for sale with a price tag that went from $2.2 million to $2.75 million. Meanwhile, she also started legal action against her accountant, alleging mismanagement of her funds.

The ‘My Name Is Earl’ actress claimed that accountant Daniel Rivero left her with $850,000 in back taxes and thousands of dollars of loss due to bad investments. Reportedly, Rivero’s management led to $2 million of debt for her.

Following that, in 2016, Pressly’s bank foreclosed her Sherman Oaks property. Although the actress bought a new house for $2.275 million the next year, she lost $30,000 worth of jewelry and a laptop after burglars broke into her house, as TMZ wrote.

Later in 2017, Jaime Pressly’s latest cinematic appearance as Crystal Clemens in ‘Austin Found’ came out. Currently, she’s working on her return to the screen with a new movie called ‘The Re-Education Of Molly Singer,’ hitting the theaters on September 29.

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