New Girl Actor Max Greenfield’s Ultimate Fashion Advice For Men

Elif Ozden

In an interview with EOnline dating back to 2013, New Girl’s Max Greenfield guided men toward making fashion choices that both look and feel good. As it appears, hisĀ approach to men’s fashion is a blend of classic choices and personal care.

Max’s Fashion Sense and Enthusiasm for Men’s Fashion


The 2013 Golden Globes saw Greenfield making a fashion statement in a sharp Tom Ford tuxedo. The actor noted the transformational effect of such designer pieces, saying the following about his look:

“Your posture changes. Everything about you becomes different, and you go, ‘I forgot that I’m a man.’ And then you’re reminded once you put on a tuxedo like that. Tom Ford reminds you that you’re a man.”

Greenfield’s enthusiasm for fashion is not limited to award nights. He has expressed a desire to collaborate with designers and has even shown interest in becoming an ambassador for male fashion brands:

“Man, oh man, what I’d give to be an ambassador to Tom Ford. Man, oh man, would I love to be the ambassador to, I mean, forget Tom Ford, just the ambassador to anything. I’m looking to be the ambassador to some sort of male fashion designer.”

He then shared his three rules to elevate your style:

Embrace Formal Wear


Max encourages men to venture beyond the casual T-shirt and jeans ensemble. He urges men to wear a suit to experience a boost in confidence:

“For a guy, I don’t like the idea of I’m just going to throw on my T-shirt and jeans. If you’re Russell Crowe, I suppose that’s cool, but I don’t know any Russell Crowes. I really don’t. I’m certainly not one. So, I think it’s like, have some fun with it. Put on a suit and tell me that you don’t feel better about yourself.”

Although he mentioned Crowe as someone who could effortlessly pull off a more relaxed look, he felt that a suit was a staple for most.

Prioritize Skincare


Greenfield argues that good fashion is not limited to clothes. According to the actor, the right skincare product can refresh the face, making one feel revitalized:

“There’s a company called Philosophy, and I’ve recently gotten into some of their products. Man, I’ve never felt moisture as I have with some of those products like Miracle Worker. It just livens up my face in a way that makes the air feel better. It’s really good, I’m telling you.”

Be Minimalistic with Accessories


While women might revel in accessorizing, Greenfield advises men to tread lightly in this area. He feels that accessories, like necklaces, should have a deeper meaning when worn by men:

“I don’t think men should wear accessories. It’s not a man thing. It’s totally a woman thing. My wife will put on a watch and then throw some bracelets around the watch, and that’s a cool look. My wife used to make me watch the ‘Rachel Zoe Project,‘ and Zoe was all about the accessories, and let me tell you something, she’s not wrong. But for men, that’s not a cool thing to do. If you’re wearing a necklace, it should have a lot of meaning to you and be very important, but if you’re wearing a necklace just to be cool, it’s not cool.”

Still, he said he believes a good watch is a fundamental accessory for men.

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