Ni-Ki Shares The Genre He Wished Enhypen Would Try Again

Elif Ozden

Ahead of the third anniversary of Enhypen, the band members sat down with Buzzfeed to discuss their career highlights and talk about their latest album ‘Dark Blood.’ During the conversation, Ni-Ki revealed the genre he wished the band would try to take another shot.

When Buzzfeed asked Enhypen about the concepts the band is interested in trying, Ni-Ki responded by saying:

“We’ve tried it before, but I’d like us to take another shot at the hip-hop concept since it felt like a great fit for all of us. If we ever do come back with a hip-hop concept, I would like to participate in creating the choreography and performance of the track in its entirety so we can go up on stage with what I have built for Enhypen’s stage.”

Ni-Ki’s bandmates had different ideas. As seen in the interview, Jungwoon wants to try a high-teen concept, Jay wants to try ballad to showcase their vocal talents, Sunghoon wants to experiment with retro sonically and visually, and Juno wants to try cute concepts.

Enhypen tried hip-hop concepts in their songs ‘Blessed-Cursed’ and ‘Future Perfect,’ and their May 22 release ‘Dark Blood’ also has some hip-hop elements, especially in ‘Chaconne’ (soul/hip-hop), ‘Bills’ (emo hip-hop), and ‘Karma’ (funk hip-hop).

You can listen to their latest release, ‘Dark Blood,’ below.

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