Nick Cave Shares Feelings About LGBTQ Fans

Deniz Kivilcim

Nick Cave recently shared his thoughts on his trans fans. On his Red Hand Files website, where the singer regularly receives and answers questions, he received a question about his views on having transgender fans. The question read:

“How do you feel about your transgender fans or trans people in general? As a young trans woman, I’ve had equally positive and negative gender-related experiences with other fans of your work and stand curious as to where you stand on things.”

After answering another question about the Enneagram test results, the singer opened up about equality towards all people:

“I also have another impulse, which I hope is more common, and that is to treat everyone with equal love and respect, regardless of their race, gender, sexuality, religion, or anything else. I essentially see the world as a collection of individuals, each unique in their brokenness, who have at their core a common and binding sameness of spirit.”

Cave then turned his attention to the trans fans and shared his love and gratitude for them:

“So, Amelia, although I am slightly uncertain as to where I am supposed to stand on such things, or rather why I am supposed to stand anywhere, I will say this – I love my trans fans fully and wish them the best, as I love all my fans and wish them the best. I feel toward them that same duty of care that I feel toward all those who exist within my sphere.”

He concluded with the following:

“I also wish for them to receive every right inherent to them and for them to lead lives of dignity and freedom, devoid of violence and prejudice. I wish these things as I wish them for all people.”

The musician also stated that it is a privilege to have a diverse audience in his shows that unite and bond over music.

The Bad Seeds hasn’t released a new album since their latest record in 2019, ‘Ghosteen.’ Cave also shared solo music in 2021 with the album ‘Seven Psalms.’ Moreover, the singer recently revealed that he is finishing a new album with the band by answering a fan question on the website.

The release date for the album hasn’t been announced yet.

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