Nita Strauss Names The Two Bands She’d Want To Play With Besides Alice Cooper

Bihter Sevinc

In a new conversation with Loudwire Nights, Nita Strauss disclosed the two bands she wanted to join forces with, apart from Alice Cooper.

When asked who would be a dream collaboration for her, the guitarist replied:

“Metallica. I mean, who else? Give me Metallica. Give me the actual Iron Maiden. I’ve played Iron Maiden songs a lot, but give me the big Maiden. I have fun on big stages with big crowds.”

The possibility of working with artists like Lady Gaga and continuing to play with Demi Lovato would also be exciting for her, as the musician explained:

“So, obviously, someone like Metallica, someone like Iron Maiden, or someone like Lady Gaga, or continuing to play with Demi on that world stage has been incredible. I can’t really think of many people I wouldn’t want to play with. I like what I do. I like playing guitar. I love touring. I love different kinds of music.”

This is not the first time Nita expressed her desire to collaborate with Metallica. When asked if there was any other band that she would be interested in playing guitar for in a 2019 chat with The Roman Show, the guitarist said:

“Oh, so many. So many. You know, I love to play guitar; that’s the thing. If I’m gonna throw the first thing out there, it’s always Metallica. Metallica, if you guys are watching, I’m available.”

Strauss had the chance to perform the Iron Maiden classics during her tenure in The Iron Maidens, which is an all-female tribute act. While her two dream collabs are waiting to happen one day, in her upcoming second solo album, ‘The Call of The Void,’ the musician got to work with names like Marty Friedman, David Draiman, Lzzy Hale, and Chris Motionless.

You can listen to the full interview here.

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