Noah Sebastian Explains Eminem And 50 Cent’s Influence On Bad Omens

Zehra Kabak

Ahead of Bad Omens‘ upcoming North American tour, Noah Sebastian sat down for an interview with DannyWimmerPresents backstage at Sonic Temple 2023 in Columbus, Ohio. The YouTube show’s hosts questioned Sebastian about his early musical influences and asked about the musicians he listened to when he was younger. So, the singer answered:

“That’s probably how he got here because I know with heavy music, it started with Disturbed. The first time I heard heavy metal was ‘Down with the Sickness,’ and I thought it was, like, the most twisted, messed-up thing I’ve ever heard, and I loved it. Then, I got into my rap phase. I got into Eminem and 50 Cent and stuff. I even had a small EDM phase as a teenager.”

On how these artists affected his music, he explained:

“So, I just really kind of grew up absorbing all my favorite parts of these different genres and these different worlds of music. When I got to the point I was writing my own music, I was always trying to find new ways to blend them all together tastefully. Because a lot of bands have always tried to mix pop with metal or electronic music with metal, and sometimes, it comes out cheesy or forced.”

The singer went on to reveal what set Bad Omens’ sound apart from some other bands:

“With us, we always try to make it feel tasteful and kind of natural, and easy to digest. I feel like with ‘The Death of Peace of Mind,’ we finally did that in a way that people understand what we’re going for.”

Bad Omens released ‘The Death of Peace of Mind’ as their latest record in 2022. The band introduced an acapella version of the album a year later to celebrate its first anniversary.

Now, they are working on a deluxe record as well as a follow-up album called ‘Concrete Forever,’ which Noah Sebastian revealed in an interview with the Artist Friendly podcast by saying:

“In a way, we’re working on two records at once. […] It’s important to me not to rush anything. That’s always a priority, even if it takes me a year or three years. I’m gonna make the best album first.”

You can check out the vocalist’s recent chat in the video below.

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