Noel Gallagher Pleads Guilty In Unpaid Speed Tickets Case

Elifnaz Yuksel

Noel Gallagher received a six months driving ban and a £1,340 worth of fine due to a number of unpaid speeding tickets. Although Noel doesn’t have a driver’s licence, it appears that the vehicle was registered under his name, making him responsible. In a letter, Gallagher clarified that he was unaware of the tickets and took action as soon as he was notified:

“I did not personally receive the notice or the reminder, and neither were brought to my attention by my staff. Once my management team notified me about the receipt of the court documentation concerning this matter, the original notice was completed, identifying the driver, and returned.”

Noel also stated that he takes full responsibility, and he is ready to take action:

“I acknowledge that it is my responsibility as the registered keeper of a motor vehicle to ensure that suitable and effective arrangements are in place to safeguard against important correspondence not being dealt with as required.”

The former Oasis frontman once mentioned that he was arrested in his teenage years. In a 2021 interview, Noel mentioned that he feels neutral when he reflects on the times that led him to commit crimes:

“They were bleak times. There wasn’t a great deal to do apart from get into trouble – smoke weed, sniff glue, listen to music, go to football. That was it. I don’t look back on them with any romance whatsoever. But then again when I look back on them, they don’t fill me with any dread either – it was just growing up.”

He also mentioned that his record remain till this day, and jokingly implied his incompetence in thievery:

“I was arrested a few times for shoplifting, robbery, all of which f*cking haunt me to this day. I’ve still got a police record. If you’re caught three times, you pretty much know that you’re not destined for a life of crime.”

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