Noel Gallagher Shares His All Time Favorite Oasis Song

Bihter Sevinc

Noel Gallagher recently sat down with Radio X’s Johnny Vaughan for a chat and revealed that his favorite Oasis song is their debut single ‘Supersonic’ from their first studio album, ‘Definitely Maybe.’

When asked which song he would pick as the one he enjoys listening to the most, Gallagher directly replied:

“It’s always going to be ‘Supersonic,’ just for how it came about that night, and it still sounds amazing to me when I hear it.”

Recalling the making process of the hit Oasis track, the musician continued:

“I just remember the circumstances. We were going to record ‘Bring It on Down’ because Alan McGee wanted [it] to be our first single, and we couldn’t get it right. We had one night left in the studio, and somebody just turned to me and said, ‘Well, we’ll just go and write another song,’ and I was like, ‘Oh, yeah, just like that.'”

So, Noel came up with ‘Supersonic’ in a short time:

“And I did. I went into the back, and I just wrote it. By the end of the night, that was the mix that we came away with. When we came down to London to see McGee, he said, ‘So, did you get [it]?’ We were like, ‘No, we didn’t, but we did this instead in the cassette, and he freaked out.”

In the 2016 documentary, ‘Oasis: Supersonic,’ Gallagher shared more on how he created ‘Supersonic’ during dinner as they were in the studio sessions of ‘Definitely Maybe,’ saying:

“Someone had sent out for Chinese or fish and chips or something – or Chinese fish and chips. I went in the back room, and as bizarre as it sounds, wrote ‘Supersonic’ in about however long it takes six guys to eat a Chinese meal.”

However, Liam Gallagher disagrees with his brother as his favorite song from Oasis’ catalog is ‘Live Forever.’ During a fan Q&A on Reddit in 2019, he revealed why he picked that track with the following words:

“It’s my favorite because it reminds me of the most important person in the world, my mam.”

Below, you can check out Noel’s interview and also listen to ‘Supersonic.’

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