Outlander Actor Sam Heughan’s Net Worth Is Way Less Than Expected

Zehra Kabak

The seventh season of ‘Outlander,’ released in June, saw Sam Heughan returning to his role as Jamie Fraser. This season, which already scored above eight on IMDb, also marked an addition to his involvement, as he took on the part of a producer again with co-star CaitrĂ­ona Balfe.

Based on reports from 2019, Heughan received a sum of at least $100,000 for each episode of the show for his acting throughout the years. While his exact earnings as an executive producer remain unclear, websites like Lic Marchant Portal suggest he might be making a total of $5-6 million per season.

The actor’s role in ‘Outlander’ is not his only source of income, though. According to the news, he earned $2 million for his part in the 2020 film ‘Bloodshot,’ and the following year saw him receiving $3 million from ‘SAS: Red Notice.’

Branching out of acting, Heughan also delved into the business world in the past years. For example, the whiskey brand he started in 2019 called Sassenach Spirits reportedly has brought him $1 million a year.

Despite all of this, Celebrity Net Worth put the actor’s net worth at a lower point than expected, recording it as $5 million. On the other hand, Net Worth Spot offered a higher guess with about $10 million.

The guesses differ based on the method used to calculate Heughan’s fortune, but his new projects will supposedly add to the numbers.

The actor is set to feature in an upcoming TV thriller series titled ‘The Couple Next Door’ with Eleanor Tomlinson. In addition, according to Deadline, he may take part in the new film adaptation of ‘Days Gone’ in the upcoming months.

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