P1Harmony’s Jongseob Says He Didn’t Have Any Confidence

Elif Ozden

K-pop boy group P1Harmony recently joined USA Today for an interview, reflecting on the band’s growth and early beginnings. During the conversation, singer Jongseob admitted that he wasn’t confident they would make it in the industry when they first emerged:

“When we debuted in 2020, I didn’t have confidence. I had so many pressures. But now, we’ve performed on a lot of stages and on tour. I can get more confidence. That experience made me more free, and it can make me express more.”

His bandmate Keeho then chimed in, revealing how they got used to each other in time:

“Something we’ve gotten used to, besides the music, is knowing each other. I feel like we know each other’s boundaries. We know each others’ personal space. I think it’s so important to have that – To know the chemistry and to have that chemistry go on, especially when you’re on stage.”

On June 8, 2023, P1Harmony released their sixth EP, ‘Harmony: All In.’ A week after its release, the album broke the band’s record after selling over 251,576 units.

Below, you can listen to the English version of ‘Harmony: All In’s title track, ‘Jump.’

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