Paris Jackson Shares Her Favorite Blind Melon Song To Sing Live

Zehra Kabak

While getting ready to close her latest tour with a performance at Los Angeles’ Hollywood Bowl amphitheater on October 6, Paris Jackson talked to Nylon for an interview about her concerts. When asked about her favorite song to play live, the singer explained:

“I love covering ‘No Rain’ by Blind Melon. I think maybe even more than playing my own originals. It’s a perfect song from start to finish, and I love the register my voice sits in, and the audience always seems to respond well to it.”

While Jackson included the song in her setlist throughout the 2023 tour, she prepared for the closing performance by wearing a white asymmetrical ruffled dress with a light floral pattern and a pair of brown lace-up combat boots.

The singer also followed a pre-show routine before taking the stage at the Hollywood Bowl for the first time, which she explained to Nylon by saying:

“I hung out with some friends beforehand, stretched my neck for some head-banging, said a little prayer, and had a band huddle.”

Check out Jackson’s full interview here.

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