Pat Travers On Refusing To Replace Robbo In Thin Lizzy

Deniz Kivilcim

Canadian guitarist Pat Travers recently had an interview with Louder Sound where he revealed he almost joined Thin Lizzy but then refused to do so. During the interview, the guitarist shared why he didn’t want to replace the Lizzy guitarist Brian Robertson, also known as Robbo, and what caused his replacement.

Robbo and Travers worked on the guitarist’s album ‘Makin’ Magic’ together. Robbo played the second lead guitar on the cover of Blind Willie McTell’s ‘Statesboro Blues,’ after which the two formed a friendship.

Travers got the offer to replace his friend after Robbo injured his left hand due to a smashed bottle incident. He shared the reason why he declined the offer:

“Lizzy had been due to leave for a US Tour the next day, and with Robbo f*cking up his hand, they were a man down. There was talk that maybe I could fill in for him. I even had a play with the other guys. But in the end, I thought it would be too disruptive for my own career, which was then just getting going.”

After Travers stepped down, Gary Moore replaced Robbo, who later became the regular Thin Lizzy guitarist since his initial departure from the band.

Robbo is not the only Thin Lizzy member who contributed to the Canadian guitarist. The band’s other guitarist Scott Gorham played for Travers’ song ‘Speakeasy’ from the album ‘Putting It Straight.’

See Travers’ ‘Statesboro Blues’ cover with Robbo below.

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