Paul McCartney Changes His Pick For Favorite Beatles Song

Deniz Kivilcim

Paul McCartney picked his favorite songs from every band and project he has been in, and changed his favorite The Beatles song.

Two years ago, the rocker named ‘You Know My Name (Look Up the Number)’ as his favorite song of his time with The Beatles, and recently, he named another as his favorite.

On McCartney’s website, he was asked a question he received on Twitter from a fan. The fan asked him about his favorite songs from all his The Beatles, Wings, and solo times to show an alien who’s never heard of his music. After narrowing down his choices, he shared:

“It’s always very hard to narrow down favorite songs, so what I do is just make a guess. What comes to my head for The Beatles would be ‘Yesterday’ – I’d say that was an important moment. But then again, my inner voice says, ‘What about ‘Hey Jude’? What about ‘Let It Be’…?’ So, it is a very difficult question to answer. But I’ll plump for ‘Yesterday.'”

He then shared his favorites from his Wings times:

“For the Wings period, I’ll go for ‘Band on the Run,’ although I’ve just heard recently the song ‘Arrow Through Me’ is really getting all sorts of attention, so maybe the aliens would like that! I always liked it myself as a song, but it’s obviously been played somewhere recently, and people are going mad on the streaming.”

McCartney recalled one of Wings’ songs playing in the kids’ animation movie ‘Boss Baby,’ and shared his younger fans’ reaction to the song while expressing his happiness:

“I remember ‘Blackbird’ was in the film Boss Baby - it’s an animation film for kids – and parents would come up me and say, ‘You know my kid’s favourite song of yours? It’s ‘Blackbird’!’ It is great that this young generation is getting into the song. I wrote it so long ago and it’s resonating with them now – it’s quite amazing, it’s very gratifying. But anyway, that aside, let’s say ‘Band on the Run’ would be my choice for Wings.”

The Beatle revealed his favorite solo song to be from his earlier works:

“Then, for my solo period, I would go for ‘Coming Up’ from McCartney II.”

Though McCartney recently chose his favorite Beatles song to be ‘Yesterday,’ when he first named ‘You Know My Name (Look Up the Number),’ he claimed that he always named that particular song whenever asked about his favorite track. He additionally named ‘Strawberry Fields,’ ‘Hey Jude,’ ‘Blackbird,’ and ‘Eleanor Rigby.’

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