Paul Simon Names The Almost-Holy Simon And Garfunkel Songs

Elif Ozden

In an interview on The Howard Stern Show, Paul Simon discussed the deeper connection and mysterious origin behind three of Simon And Garfunkel’s songs.

During the conversation, Simon singled out the following three songs as having special meaning and seeming almost holy in their origin and impact:

“There is something where you feel as if the music is coming through you. You’re a part of it, but it’s not starting with you — it’s coming from somewhere, and it comes through you. If I think back to three big examples of that, the first one was ‘The Sound of Silence,’ ‘Bridge Over Troubled Water’ was like that where I said ‘Wow!’ but the one where I knew it was the song ‘Graceland.'”

Moreover, Simon offered a look into the evolution of ‘The Sound of Silence,’ saying that over the years, the song’s meaning and essence have evolved, revealing its timeless nature.

Beyond the music, Simon also delved into his relationship with Art Garfunkel during the rest of the interview. As he claimed, it was external commitments, particularly Garfunkel’s involvement in films like ‘Catch-22’ and ‘Carnal Knowledge,’ that added stress. Simon clarified, however, that Garfunkel wasn’t to blame for their breakup.

He was also open about his personal life, including meeting his wife of over 30 years, Edie Brickell. Simon revealed that they initially met on the set of Saturday Night Live.

Back in June, Simon sold a ‘substantial stake’ of his music catalog to BMG. The deal covered his work with Garfunkel but not his solo recordings.

You can watch that part of the interview below.

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