Paul Stanley Credits Gene Simmons For KISS’ Existence

Elifnaz Yuksel

Paul Stanley celebrated his bandmate Gene Simmons’ birthday from his Twitter. In his tweet, he credited Gene for KISS’ existence:

“Wishing the happiest birthday to my partner and brother. Fifty four years together and fifty years of KISS that never would have been possible without you Gene. Enjoy your day.”

In a February interview, Stanley praised Simmons, and how his qualities affect KISS positively:

“Gene is a team player, and he loves the band, and wants what’s best for it, even if it’s not always what’s best for him. I love that Gene’s ability to put his own advantages and possibilities within the band by the side to do whatever is best for the collective. I admire that quality, because it’s you don’t find it that often in people.”

Paul also emphasised the difference between Gene’s on-stage persona and his real life personality:

“Also, underneath all the bravado and all the ‘Gene Simmons’ schtick is a very caring, and very kind and giving person, who takes care of a lot of people, far outside and beyond his family. I respect that very much.”

Fifty years later, KISS is still up and running, and they’re on tour for this Fall which starts from September 1 until December 2. Below, you can read Paul Stanley’s tweet.

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