Pearl Jam’s Mike McCready Recalls His Bad Advice To Andrew Watt

Bihter Sevinc

As Pearl Jam’s brief tour continues, the band’s lead guitarist Mike McCready had a conversation with SPIN, reflecting on memories of his advice that didn’t quite hit the mark for Andrew Watt.

After mentioning that Watt is a fan of his guitar playing, and he gave him one of his signature guitars, the interviewer said the musician expressed it in a skeptical tone. McCready then went on to share one of their early memories together:

“A bit. I can tell you this funny story. We were playing in New York [at Irving Plaza], which must have been more than 15 years ago when Andrew was 15 years old. As I was leaving after the show, there was this guy and his kid waiting to talk to somebody in the band. He says, ‘My son Andrew here really wants to play music. But I want him to go to college.'”

Reflecting on his reaction to the producer’s father, McCready continued:

“I said, ‘Well, the music business is really hard, right?’ and I turned into my dad in that moment [Laughs]‘It’s very hard. You’ve got to have something to fall back on. I think you should go to college, but you should also play music and have fun with it.’ We joke about that now because he didn’t go to college and now is this multi-million-dollar producer, despite me giving him bad advice!”

When the host responded to this story as cautious rather than a piece of bad advice, the guitarist added:

“Yes, exactly. He didn’t listen to it, and he’s become this huge producer. I never knew that story until we started working with him. He was a fan and is a fan of the band, so that has helped with making this record.”

Pearl Jam is currently working on their twelfth studio album, which Watt is producing. In 2022, Andrew produced Eddie Vedder’s solo album, ‘Earthling,’ too. Starting in 2022, he also holds the guitarist position for the Earthlings, which is Vedder’s touring band for his solo performances.

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