Perla Ferrar: Everything To Know About Slash’s Ex-Wife

Elif Ozden

Behind every guitarist, there’s often a story of love, passion, and, sometimes, heartbreak. Guns N’ Roses guitarist Slash and Perla Ferrar also have a tale that spans over two decades. Let’s explore the life of Perla Ferrar, her background, and the tumultuous relationship she shared with the rock icon.

Her Early Life and Children


Born on March 14, 1975, in California, Perla Ferrar Hudson celebrated her 48th birthday this year. She stepped into the spotlight mainly due to her association with Slash.

Perla is a sibling to Ivan Pablo Padilla and Boris Juan Antonio. Motherhood brought her and Slash two sons, London Emilio and Cash Anthony Hudson.

A Timeline of Perla and Slash’s Relationship


Perla and Slash first crossed paths in 1992 at a Guns N’ Roses afterparty in Las Vegas. Their relationship led to wedding bells in Hawaii in 2001.

However, love in the world of rock isn’t always a smooth ride. Slash filed for divorce in 2010, citing irreconcilable differences.

Just a few months later, the duo reconciled. But the reconciliation was short-lived, as Slash once again sought a divorce in 2014. The process was finalized in September, ending their 13-year-long marital journey.

Tumultuous Divorce Proceedings


The couple’s separation was layered with complexities. One of the claims was from Slash, who accused Perla of bigamy in 2016. The situation became more intense when Perla claimed that Slash’s new girlfriend, Meegan Hodges, was behind an Instagram account trolling her.

The divorce settlement was substantial. Slash agreed to pay Perla over $6.6 million, alongside monthly spousal support of $100,000 and child support of $39,000. The children are also set to receive 1.8% of Slash’s income until 2036. On the other hand, Slash retained his prized guitar collection, valued at $1.92 million.

Perla’s Presence in The Media


Perla is largely known because of her association with Slash. However, in October 2018, she made headlines when the guitarist banned her from attending a concert at the Hollywood Palladium where their son, London Hudson, was slated to perform. Despite the restriction, Perla indicated her intention to attend the event.

You can follow Perla’s Instagram account here and keep up with her, London, and Cash Anthony!

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