Pink Shares Her Husband’s Reaction To Being Dissed In New Song

Serra Ozturk

Pink recently sat down with Kelly Clarkson and chatted about her new album ‘Trustfall.’ She shared that a song on her album is about her husband, Carey Hart, which she was initially nervous about playing for him, fearing she might offend him. Pink explained:

“Well, you have to take in Carey’s [Hart] amount of feelings he can handle and how much he is actually thinking about the words I’m saying or listening at all, so I think he’s fine. There’s one on the new album that was a hard day, and I played it for him because it’s fair. He should know what’s being said about him in the world, and he just started giggling.┬áHe’s like, ‘Well, you’re welcome,’ and I’m like, ‘Yeah, I don’t need that though I don’t need to write songs like this.'”

The singer has written several songs about her husband, so she revealed that she would be flattered if more songs were written about her by adding:

“I would be flattered if I were him. The only song ever written about me was called ‘Slaughter.’ I was flattered. I apparently hurt this person, and I chose Carey. ‘Slaughter’ is a beautiful song.”

Hart later also went on ‘The Kelly Clarkson Show’ and shared how he feels about all the songs his wife has written about him. Carey said:

“We’ve been together 21 years. I have very thick skin. Very little affects me. I don’t know what day she’s talking about specifically, but it’s probably just the temperature.”

You can watch Pink’s and Carey Hart’s interview with Kelly Clarkson and listen to ‘Trustfall’ below.

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