Rainbow Singer Ronnie Romero Defends Considering Himself An ‘Expensive Vocalist’

Deniz Kivilcim

Rainbow frontman Ronnie Romero appeared on White Line Fewer TV to discuss songs and career, where he considered himself expensive.

While discussing how people disappear suddenly the moment money talk enters the conversation, Romero explained why he thinks he is expensive:

“I am very honest with people. So the first thing I say is, ‘Listen, I know you wanna work with me, I like the music, but I’m expensive.’ That’s the first thing, so we have everything clear. And why I’m expensive? Obviously, first of all, because I’m good. Not because I’m saying that I’m good because a lot of people say that I’m good.”

He also made it clear that he would accept offers if asked:

“I work with this guy and this guy and this other guy, then I ask, ‘How is your budget?’ So we can talk about it. I’m not that kind of guy that asks for; for example, I ask for five thousand euros for a song, and then the guy says, ‘Ah, but I have four thousand.’ Ah, no, no, no, I can do it for four thousand. It’s always to talk.”

Despite being an ‘expensive’ musician, the rocker’s music career is not all about money. He explained:

“I did records for free, also, just because I liked the music and because I saw some potential on the record, and I try to help this guy to get a record deal, and that’s it. Sometimes you do that also because I had that opportunity. So when you can help somebody, I think it’s better than to just get money, go to the studio, and send the tracks back; it’s more worth it for me. So I can do that also.”

Earlier, the rocker slammed the music industry for being forced to be cheap or free. In the statement he shared on Facebook in late 2020, Romero wrote that he was sick of people who were being rude for no reason and trying to get into work with him for free. He also shared his belief that people will blame and judge him no matter what he does.

Romero joined Rainbow in 2015, after which he was offered many works. Although the singer had been unemployed at the time of joining, he later realized that he wanted to do more than just earn money and desired to find deeper meaning in his work.

Below, you can see the latest interview.


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