Ringo Starr Says The New Beatles Song Is ‘The Last Thing From The Four Lads’

Zehra Kabak

Fresh from his All-Starr Band’s spring tour, Ringo Starr sat down with Rolling Stone to talk about the past and future of his career. During the chat, he revealed that the late George Harrison had recorded parts for the new Beatles song before his passing in 2001. He also noted that this was their final effort as a band by saying:

“This was beautiful, and it’s the final track you’ll ever hear with the four lads. And that’s a fact.”

In some part of the interview, Starr also spoke of his birthday event, ‘Peace and Love,’ which was celebrated all over the world and broadcasted into space last year. Recalling the origin of the occasion, he explained:

“In 2008, I was being interviewed, and the interviewer said, ‘Well, Ringo, what would you like your fans to give you for your birthday?’ And I don’t know where it came from, but I thought it would be great if at noon they could go ‘peace and love,’ and that’s how it started. We started with 80 people… and now it’s 28 countries.”

While the former Beatles member will turn 83 with this year’s ‘Peace and Love,’ he expressed no plans for retirement. He told Rolling Stone:

“You never know when you’re gonna drop, that’s the thing, and I’m not dropping yet.”

In fact, the drummer’s band has another tour waiting to kick off in September. With this year’s lineup, including names like Steve Lukather and Colin Hay, All-Starr Band will travel North America until mid-October.

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