Riverdale Star Lili Reinhart’s 5 Step Routine For A Healthier Life

Elif Ozden

While Lili Reinhart might be best known for her role in the popular series ‘Riverdale,’ the actress also makes headlines with her refreshing perspective on beauty and self-care. Unlike typical beauty standards, Reinhart offers fans an approach to wellness that’s grounded in authenticity, stress management, and self-acceptance. According to a 2020 BeautyCrew interview, here are five key elements of her routine:

1. Prioritizing Skin Health Over Perfection


Reinhart openly discusses her struggle with cystic acne and the trial-and-error process of finding skincare solutions. A major part of her routine includes giving her skin regular breaks from makeup. Lockdown, according to Reinhart, significantly helped reduce breakouts.

2. Committing to a Foot Care Routine


Our feet often get overlooked in self-care routines. Not for Reinhart. She invests time in foot care, incorporating tools like a foot peel and a callus remover to maintain soft, healthy feet:

“I was very impressed with a foot peel I tried recently — my feet are baby soft. I also took it upon myself to buy a callus remover. This is so gross, but it’s almost like a shaver; it’s a razor that you rub along the calluses under your feet and it just shaves off the dead layer of skin. It’s good to do alongside a foot-peeling mask to get everything off.”

The routine not only contributes to her physical wellness but also provides a therapeutic, calming experience.

3. Choosing Clean and Conscious Makeup


Reinhart is a proponent of clean, vegan, cruelty-free makeup products. She loves Clean Fresh by Covergirl, which offers a range of quality, mindful ones:

“My skin has definitely benefited a lot from not wearing as much makeup, but if I am going to wear it, it’s the fact that the makeup that I’m wearing is clean, vegan, and cruelty-free that gives me comfort. I know there’s no parabens, sulfates, talcs, or any bad disgusting ingredients in this Clean Fresh Covergirl line, so when I’m choosing to wear makeup, I’m putting a good quality product on my skin and not harsh chemicals.”

Among her favorite Clean Fresh products is the concealer, which she argues blocks out any redness and is really hydrating.

4. Experimenting Until Finding the Right Skincare Products


Reinhart encourages everyone to keep testing different skincare products until finding the ones that suit their skin the best. It was this adventurous spirit that led her to discover Anti Bump by Renee Rouleau, a product that she credits with significantly helping her cystic acne.

5. Embracing Body Positivity


Reinhart radiates body positivity, stating that she’s comfortable with her body, including her love handles. She encourages everyone to celebrate their bodies, regardless of their shape or size:

“My body’s not chiseled or perfect by any means — and that’s totally fine by me. I don’t have a size zero waist and I have love handles and it’s like, that’s fine, I’m gonna show the world. If I feel hot in a bikini, I’ll post a picture, I don’t care, it’s not gonna stop me.”

Reinhart isn’t interested in portraying a flawless image but instead shows the world her authentic self, helping fans see a relatable, positive reflection of themselves in her.

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