Robin Taylor Zander Confirms Cheap Trick Won’t Follow The Popular Market

Elif Ozden

Robin Taylor Zander has been performing in Cheap Trick with his father, Robin Wayne Zander, filling in for other members who have been absent over the past years. Talking about the band’s current plans to enter the studio to record a new album, Zander recently told The SDR Show that they have no intention of pleasing the market.

In the interview, Ralph Sutton asked Robin Taylor Zander about Cheap Trick’s plans to record a full album, claiming bands don’t put out an album nowadays like in the 1980s. In his response, Zander revealed the band has a different mindset:

“It’s a ‘singles market’ probably right now, but they’re from the 70s. They grew up in the 60s, and the mindset was records.

When Sutton told him sometimes bands should adapt to the changes in times, Zander hinted at Cheap Trick’s commitment to make their music the way they want to:

“Well… Or you’re stubborn. So you do it the way want to do it.”

Cheap Trick’s latest album was ‘In Another World.‘ Followed by the release of three singles, the 13-track album hit the record stores in 2021. In a 2021 interview with Metal Express Radio, the band’s frontman Robin Zander said it’s odd many bands release singles and don’t even have an album:

“The record company decides what they will do as a single. I think that’s different nowadays than it used to be, as some people just release singles and don’t even have an album. It’s kind of odd that they’ve released that many singles. I think they’ve released three of them before the album has even come out.”

Currently, Cheap Trick is on the road for their 38-date summer tour that will run from May 17 to September 23.

You can watch the interview below.


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