Rod Stewart Shares His Advice To Avoid Embarrasment At French Restaurants

Melisa Karakas

Rod Stewart recently shared his secret to ordering without feeling ’embarrassed’ at French restaurants while chatting with Daily Mail.

The 78-year-old rocker was going through his daily routine and favorite drinks when the topic came to his favorite wines. He then revealed how his favorite wine was a 1948 Château d’Yquem and also gave a quick tip on how to order at French restaurants as a bonus.

Stewart explained how the best way was to let the ‘sommeliers’ think they had ‘control’ over you, saying:

It can be intimidating going to a French restaurant with lots of wine on the menu, so it’s best to be honest. Tell them you’d like to drink a nice wine and put a price on it. Say these words: ‘Sir, I’m in your hands. Don’t spend more than 80 quid.’ The sommeliers love that because they feel like they are in control, and they want to impress you.”

Sir Rod had recently made headlines with his decision to switch genres and not retire, as the singer declared he was only retiring from ‘rock.’ The previous speculations about his ‘retirement,’ however, had come after rumors regarding the well-being of his fitness and health.

However, it seems that the singer is doing alright, even giving off tips on how to order wine at French restaurants, and he also didn’t shy away from revealing what his daily routine was and which drinks he preferred to stay healthy well into his 80s.

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