Sarah Jessica Parker Says Describing Her Love For Billy Joel Is Impossible

Deniz Kivilcim

During an interview with Howard Stern, Sarah Jessica Parker shared her childhood memories of writing letters to pianist Billy Joel and expressed her current thoughts on him. The actress discussed her experiences in the interview, stating:

“I can’t really convey how I feel about Billy Joel; I’ve tried to talk about it a million ways. I wrote letters to Billy Joel when I was a little girl… I know every word to every single song, I love him.”

Parker, describing Joel’s personality the way she perceives it, said:

“He’s been really open about being human, and he seems to be rather transparent about his shortcomings — he’s a very human person, and he’s so available. Also, I think he’s like a citizen of New York, you know, in a way you just feel like… he’s somebody that maybe you could have lived down the street from — I never did, unfortunately.”

The Sex and the City star’s admiration for Joel seem to have started at an early age, and whether it is a coincidence or not, Joel’s ‘New York State Of Mind’ was featured in the series.

See the interview here.

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