Sheila Carrasco’s Biggest Challenge To Play Flower Role In Ghosts

Bihter Sevinc

The American sitcom ‘Ghosts,’ premiered on CBS on October 7, 2021. It is a remake of the British sitcom of the same name that originally aired on BBC One in 2019. The series stars Rose McIver as Samantha (Sam) and Utkarsh Ambudkar as her husband Jay, who inherits a haunted mansion. Following a near-death experience, Sam gains the extraordinary ability to see ghosts.

The couple is determined to turn the old mansion into a cozy B&B, but they encounter a unique challenge – living alongside a quirky group of ghosts, each with their own eccentric stories of how they died on the property. From a Wall Street trader to a hippie and a Viking from Norway, the comically haunting adventures unfold.

Among the ensemble of colorful ghosts, one character stands out with her cheerful nature. Enter Sheila Carrasco as Susan Montero, known as ‘Flower.’ Flower, a hippie from the 1960s, lived in both a commune and a cult during her lifetime. Her unfortunate demise came from an ill-fated attempt to hug a bear while under the influence of drugs.

When asked about the biggest challenge in playing Flower in a 2022 chat with the List, Carrasco explained:

“A little bit of that going in and out of lucidity and figuring out what she actually hears and understands in terms of the stakes of the scene, and — I do want to serve the story, and I want to play with the ensemble, and be part of it, and Flower very much is.”

The actress continued:

“I also have to play off those moments where she’s like, ‘What were we talking about?’ — finding times to dip out and all of a sudden get distracted by seeing a color, or the wallpaper, or whatever it is. Then, all of a sudden, realizing she’s lost track of the conversation, but I do that on my own.”

She added, talking more about the challenges of playing Flower:

“Being able to do that in these big group scenes, figuring out the timing of all of that, has been a challenge, but a really fun one. That might be the only challenge — that and shooting in 50-degree weather in my costume. [Laughs]”

‘Ghosts’ has become a success for CBS, with its popularity during its first two seasons, and the show was renewed for a third season. However, like many other TV shows and films, the series has been affected by the ongoing WGA and SAG-AFTRA strikes. So, there is no confirmed release date.

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