Shinedown’s Brent Smith Says Josh Freese Had Some Serious Shoes To Fill

Zehra Kabak

In a recent interview with Q101, Shinedown’s Brent Smith and Zach Myers talked about different topics. Among these, the two recalled the time they watched Josh Freese perform with the Offspring at Hellfest 2022.

When the guitarist said it was the ‘coolest festival setlist he’s ever seen,’ Smith explained:

“Because Josh Freese is an abnormally insane drummer at like 50-something years old. It’s amazing to watch.”

He also shared his thoughts about Freese becoming Foo Fighters’ new drummer:

“Yeah [they picked the right guy for Foo Fighters]. I mean, obviously, he is an icon and a legendary drummer, and he’s got some serious shoes to fill there.”

Then, Myers went on saying:

“I didn’t see him ever like joining a band.”

To answer, the vocalist shared:

“Neither did I. But like people that have seen the Foo Fighters live with him, they’re like – he makes them dig in because he’s just so aggressive. He’s such an aggressive drummer.”

Josh Freese collaborated with Foo Fighters for the 2022 tribute show in honor of Taylor Hawkins. Months after that, during the ‘Preparing Music for Concerts’ live stream, the band announced that he would officially join the band, stepping in for the late drummer.

The decision received reactions from different names in the industry. Musicians like Tommy Lee and Steve Stevens celebrated Freese on Twitter, while Wolfgang Van Halen expressed his views on the Foo Fighters’ new lineup in a chat with Ultimate Classic Rock.

Talking about the band’s performance during the tribute concerts, he said:

“It was [also] really amazing to watch the revolving drummers for the Foo Fighters set. I knew in my heart the second that I saw Josh [Freese] on the stage and just playing with him if he wasn’t the guy [to replace Taylor Hawkins in Foo Fighters], I was going to be pissed off. Because he’s perfect.”

You can check out Brent Smith and Zach Myers’ words about Josh Freese in the video below.

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