Simon Marco Reacts To Being Called The ‘Sugar Daddy’ Of Summer House Martha’s Vineyard

Elif Ozden

In a recent interview with Reality Tea‘s Daniel Falconer, Simon Marco revealed his thoughts about the ‘sugar daddy’ accusations.

Simon’s girlfriend, Bria, faced criticism from her co-star, Summer Marie Thomas, who claimed that they actually met on When Falconer asked Simon about his thoughts on it, Simon recalled his initial reaction:

“I just laughed. One thing which I value the most about Bria is that she always keeps it real and never has any bad intentions, and loves me unconditionally.”

Falconer then questioned if Simon feels he changed people’s opinions about him after his arrival at the house. The Watchroom 24 CEO said he was actually surprised when everyone welcomed him:

“Absolutely! My arrival and the reception I got was nothing like I expected. Everyone welcomed me very warmly and were all nice to me.”

On June 5, Bria joined Andy Cohen’s ‘Watch What Happens Live’ and commented on the accusations about the legitimacy of her relationship with Simon. She argued that Summer was just ‘projecting’ and that she already had a lavish lifestyle before her boyfriend.

Simon’s plans to join her for a week in the house resulted in Bria receiving a backlash in Season 1, Episode 4. However, Simon won the group’s hearts with a dinner and expensive watches as gifts. This gesture resulted in questions about Simon being Bria’s ‘sugar daddy,’ but the actress revealed that the two met at Cannes Film Festival in 2022.

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